Stefanie Stallard, M.D.

Adult Neurology, Class of 2025


Undergraduate school: Florida State University
Medical school: University of Michigan

I set out with the intent to become a high school choir teacher and somehow ended up obsessed with brains – funny how that happens! Things I have been known to do include dedicating an obscene number of hours to completing every last side quest in a video game, assembling a wooden hurdy-gurdy (old-school musical instrument, look it up), injuring my left foot doing things that really shouldn’t result in injury, subjecting the team workroom to the same Celine Dion song over and over, and drinking enough iced tea to make a lesser human explode.

Fun Fact: As a medical student, I once asked the world-renowned and unfathomably epic Dr. Douglas Gelb if it was cool for me to miss a day of my clerkship to go to a concert. (He said no. Nevertheless, we remain on good terms.)

My theme song: I am physically incapable of choosing just one song; sorry for being a cheater… “Opening - Bombing Mission” from Final Fantasy VII is for making my entrance and letting folks know things are about to go DOWN. (It has also brought me to tears on multiple occasions. Never underestimate the depths of my nostalgia.) Alexander Nevsky by Prokofiev is for when I’m a little bit all over the place because holy moly(!) is this piece an emotional journey. Also, choir nerd.