Tanav Popli, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor


Undergraduate school: Kalamazoo College

Medical school: Indiana University School of Medicine

A very short biography
Grew up all over the Great Lakes Region, but mostly in Northwest Indiana, nearby Chicago. Studied biology, chemistry, and music at Kalamazoo College in SW Michigan (and fell in love with the state in the process), travelled far and wide over a few years to ask some deep questions (Do dogs have theory of mind? How do collagen mutations change muscle phenotypes in mice? What do I want to do with my life?) and eventually came back to the Midwest for medical school, and now residency. I think Michigan was my ideal residency spot, not just for the obvious academic opportunities, but the friendliness and quality of the people who work and teach here, as well as the bounty of natural splendor that is the state of Michigan. Ann Arbor's got lots to do, and so does the rest of the state if you know what you're looking for. I've particularly enjoyed kayaking on the Huron River, and exploring various microbreweries in the area. 

One interesting personal thing we should know about you: The A cappella group I ran in college sang the National Anthem at the Memorial Day Detroit Tigers game in 2010. I also used to write and act and play instruments in musicals all the time (not in several years though). 

Theme song: "Purple Rain" by the late and much lamented Prince

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