George Mashour, M.D., Ph.D.

Chair, Anesthesiology
Robert B. Sweet Professor of Anesthesiology
Faculty, Neuroscience Graduate Program
Professor, Neurosurgery

Areas of Interest

  • Multidisciplinary approaches to the study of consciousness

          - Network mechanisms of consciousness and unconsciousness

          - Intraoperative awareness and metrics of consciousness

          - Interfaces of sleep neurobiology and general anesthesia

  • Perioperative neurologic outcomes (e.g., stroke, nerve injury, postoperative visual loss)



Graduate School

Neuroscience, Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C.

Medical School

Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C.

Fellowship & Fulbright Scholar

Neuroscience, Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany


Department of Anesthesia & Critical Care, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Clinical Fellow

Neuroanesthesiology, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Michigan