Department Journals (Wide)We conduct research in the Crosby Neurosurgical Research Laboratories, the Castro & Lowenstein Translational Neuro-Oncology Laboratories, and in our clinical areas. Our research is broadly focused on cerebral vasculature, tumors, and the application of this knowledge in the development of potential treatments.

Areas of Research

  • Amino acid and peptide transport
  • Axonal injury and regeneration
  • Blood-brain barrier function
  • Choroid plexus function
  • Gene therapy, particularly in relation to lysosomal storage disorders
  • Gene therapy mediated immunotherapies for brain cancer
  • Induced tolerance to brain injury (preconditioning)
  • Mechanisms of brain tumor invasion
  • Mechanisms responsible for formation and resolution of brain edema during ischemia or following an intracerebral hemorrhage
  • Novel models of brain cancer using lentiviral vectors to express the genetic lesions encountered in human gliomas
  • Pathophysiology of cerebral ischemia with particular emphasis on inflammatory mediators and the effects of hyperglycemia
  • Pathophysiology of intracerebral hemorrhage with an emphasis on thrombin and iron
  • Spinal cord injury and mechanical stabilization and implants to promote regeneration
  • Spinal cord stimulation for stroke
  • STAT3 signalling in brain cancer biology and theraputics
  • Targeted nonoparticles for the treatment of brain tumors

Clinical Research Areas of Focus

  • Combined cytotoxic immune stimulatory gene therapy for glioma
  • Combined vaccination/gene therapy strategies for glioma
  • Deep brain stimulation for movement disorders
  • Drug trials for diabetic peripheral neuropathy
  • Growth patterns in malignant brain tumors
  • Hypothermic anesthesia during aneurysm surgery
  • Immunotoxin treatment of brain tumors
  • Novel high capacity adenoviral vectors for the treatment of glioma
  • Outcomes following shunting for hydrocephalus
  • Treatment protocols for acute spinal cord injury