2016-2017 Grand Rounds Online Recordings

Grand Rounds 2016-17

All OBGYN Grand Rounds are located in the Maternal Child Health Center (MCHC) Auditorium, room F2305 Mott Hospital from 7:30-8:30 am on Thursday mornings.

June 1
Depression Screening in Pregnancy: Improving the Process
Gwen Fitz-Gerald, MD
Women's Health Fellow, OBGYN
University of Michigan

May 25
Controversies in PAG
Alla Vash-Margita, MD
Ped & Adolescent Gyn Fellow, OBGYN
University of Michigan

May 18
Stroke in Pregnancy
Julia DePorre, MD
University of Michigan

May 11
Ripples in the Pond: How Social Context Impacts Women's Health, Health Care, and Policy
Michelle Debbink, MD
University of Michigan

May 4
Non-Surgical Strategies for Chronic Pelvic Pain
Sara Till, MD
University of Michigan

April 20
Fertility Preservation in Female Patients Facing Gonadotoxic Therapies
Lisa Green, MD
University of Michigan

April 13
Peeking Through a Key Hole: How the Door Opened with Laparoscopy and Robitics
Noor Abualnadi, MD
University of Michigan

April 6
Management of the Post-Op Bladder in Gynecologic Oncology Patients: The Michigan Experience with Implementing a New Protocol
Melissa Brackmann, MD
GynOnc Fellow, OBGYN
University of Michigan

March 30
The Machine Has No Brain: Do Electronic Medical Records Improve the Care of the Patient?
Gosling Lecture

H. Frank Andersen, MD
Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Providence Regional Medical Center
Everett, WA

March 23
The ObGyn's Guide to Taking Care of Muslim Patients
Hanan Bazzi, MD
University of Michigan

March 16
Evidence for Pelvic Floor Muscle Training for Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Kari Bo, PhD
Professor, Norwegian School of Sports Sciences
Oslo, Norway

March 9
Building Bridges Not Walls: Training the Next Generations fo Women's Health Researchers to Create a Healthier Future for Women around the World
DE&I Speaker Series
Craig Cohen, MD, MPH
Professor, Departments of OBGYN and Reproductive Sciences
University of California San Francisco

March 2
Providing Expert Clinical Guidance when "Experts" Don't Agree
Mark Pearlman, MD
S. Jan Behrman Professor, Departments of OBGYN and Surgery
University of Michigan

February 23
Bleeding Disorders: When to Worry and How to Help
Monica Rosen, MD
University of Michigan

February 16
Effect of Glucose on Structure and Function of Human 3D Cardiac Microtissues - The Sweet Heart Project
Michael Balistreri, MD
University of Michigan

February 9
Representations of Women's Health Throughout Art History
Trisha Greco, MD
University of Michigan

February 2
Update on Preeclampsia: What's ACOG Done Now?
Errol Norwitz, MD, PhD, MBA
Professor and Chair, Department of OBGYN
Tufts Medical Center

January 26
Futility Revisited: UMHS Policy on Non-beneficial Treatment
Ed Goldman, JD
Adjunct Associate Professor, OBGYN
University of Michigan

January 19
OBGYN Advocacy for Reproductive Justice: How Much Fight is there in the Dog?
DE&I Speaker Series
Willie Parker, MD, MPH, MSc
Reproductive Justice Advocate

January 12
The M&M Conference - Reflection or Pimping
Llyod Jacobs, MD
President Emeritus
The University of Toledo

January 5
Early Brain Development - Georgia's Braintrust for Babies
Brenda Fitzgerald, MD
Commissioner and State Health Officer
Georgia Department of Public Health

December 29

December 22

December 15
The Impact of Unconscious Bias on our Work
DE&I Speaker Series
Rene Salazar, MD
Assistant Dean for Diversity
Professor of Medical Education, Dell Medical School
University of Texas at Austin

December 8
Calling in the Calling Out Culture: Building a Human Rights Movement
DE&I Speaker Series
Loretta Ross
Author, Lecturer, Women's Health Advocate

December 1
Chlamydia trachomatis and Pelvic Inflamatory Disease
Julius Schacter, PhD
Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine
UCSF School of Medicine

November 24
NO GRAND ROUNDS - Thanksgiving

November 17
False Pregnancy: Clinical and Endocrine Findings, and a Reading from Fiction
Monica Starkman, MD, MS
Associate Professor Emerita, Psychiatry
University of Michigan

November 10
Narrative Medicine: How the Humanities Can Help Us Become Better Physicians, Mentors and Leaders
Natalie Karp, MD
Urogyn Fellow, OBGYN
University of Michigan

November 3
Empowering and Partnering with Patients Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence

PowerPoint Slides
Physician Resources
Holly Rider-Milkovich, MA, BA
Director, Sexual Assault, Prevention and Awareness Center
University of Michigan

October 27
Integrating Transgender Health Care into our Medical Culture

DE&I Speaker Series
PowerPoint Slides
John Randolph, MD
Professor, OBGYN
University of Michigan

October 20
Obstetrics & Gynecology Care in a Developing Gulf Country
DE&I Speaker Series
Denise Howard, MD, MPH, CPE
Assistant Professor of Clinical OBGYN
Weill Cornell Medical College
Senior Attending Physician
Sidra Medical and Research Center

October 13
The Diversity Bonus: Why It Exists & How We Achieve It

DE&I Speaker Series
Scott Page, PhD
Leonid Hurwicz Collegiate Professor of Complex Systems, Political Science and Economics
University of Michigan

October 6
Reducing the Primary Cesarean Birth Rate: "It Takes a Village"
Terri Murtland Memorial Lecture

Lisa Kane Low, PhD, CNM
President, American College of Nurse Midwives
Associate Professor, Departments of Women's Studies, Nursing, OBGYN
University of Michigan

September 29
Reproductive Healthcare for Adolescents and Women with Disabilities and Efforts Towards Inclusive Care

DE&I Speaker Series
Investing in Ability - October Events
Elisabeth Quint, MD
Professor, OBGYN
University of Michigan

Susan Ernst, MD
Assistant Professor, Chief of UHS Gynecology Services
University of Michigan

September 22
The Business of Healthcare: Maximizing Impact and Revenue through Diversity
DE&I Speaker Series
Deidre MacCannon, MD, MBA

September 15
Endometrial Intraepithelial Neoplasia (EIN) and/or Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia
PowerPoint Slides
Richard Lieberman, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Department of OBGYN
University of Michigan

September 8
Exploring the Boundaries of Informed Consent
Rick Boothman, JD
Chief Risk Office, Chief of Clinical Affairs
University of Michigan