Center for Education

The Center for Education within the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology was created in order to coordinate and facilitate the educational efforts by cultivating an environment of shared expertise and faculty development. Its goals are to focus, support, and encourage educational effectiveness in the field of women’s health for faculty, fellows, residents, students, and alumni.

The Center for Education promotes educational scholarship, innovative curricula, and outcomes based assessment of learners in the field of women’s health and medical education.

The Center for Education in Action

A novel project funded by a GME Innovations Grant from the University of Michigan Medical School Office of Graduate Medical Education examines how simulation-based training can advance patient safety by providing the opportunity to develop clinical competencies around rare or infrequent clinical events.  This project, known as OBEMAN, evaluates the impact of an interdisciplinary team training program in Obstetric emergencies on building knowledge and skills among four clinical specialties (Obstetrics, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology and Neonatology - OBEMAN).