Didactic Conference Schedule

Over the course of the program, all trainees will participate in weekly didactic sessions.  Reading material on a clinical topic is assigned to the trainees and is supervised by the MIGS faculty.  Particular attention will be given to areas of controversy and new research and include the AAGL core reading articles.  Topics to be discussed will closely follow the AAGL FMIGS educational objectives and will utilize the most recent literature and/or textbooks, including but not limited to the AAGL FMIGS reading list.

Weekly Conferences

OBGYN Department M&M Conference  

This department-wide morbidity and mortality conference is presented by the senior resident on each service: Obstetrics, Benign Gynecology (including Urogynecology), GYN Oncology, and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Attendance at this conference is required by all faculty and residents and provides 1 CME credit.

MIGS Didactics  

The MIGS division will meet weekly for a didactic session to review topics of particular interest to our division. Three sessions each month will be dedicated to review of a clinical topic outlined in the program educational objectives, Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (FMIGS) reading list, and/or journal club to review published research in our field. One session each month will be dedicated to either discussing ongoing or planned research studies, presentations, and manuscripts, or Quality Improvement review of recent cases.  MIGS/CPP faculty and trainees (including rotating residents) will participate in presenting these didactic sessions.

Interdisciplinary Deep Endometriosis Conference

The MIGS division meets monthly with the MRI radiology team to review clinical cases, published literature, and develop research studies and protocols for deeply infiltrative endometriosis.

OBGYN Department Grand Rounds 

This department-wide Grand Rounds is an excellent source of continuing medical education, covering a wide variety of topics relevant to obstetricians and gynecologists.  Attendance of Grand Rounds is required for all faculty and residents and provides 1 CME credit.