Elective Experience

Michigan Medicine prides itself on training residents who are not only invested in serving the Ann Arbor area but who are also dedicated to global health.

Elective experience begins as early as the second year of residency and continues throughout the fourth year. In the last few years, residents have gone to Ghana, Nigeria, Ecuador, Ethiopia, and China. Dr. Tim Johnson, the former chair of the department, has had a long standing relationship with Ghana and there is a continuous exchange of students and physicians between Ghana and the University of Michigan. In addition to numerous residents studying abroad, we frequently have visiting medical students, residents and faculty.

Residents routinely use their elective time to participate in research. Elective time also allows residents to expand their clinical knowledge by focusing their time in various speciality clinics of their interest, including our vulvar disease clinic, breast health clinic, Partnering for the Future clinic, Peds and Adolescent clinic. It also allows residents time to schedule continuity cases or travel to various conferences and workshops.