August 31, 2017

OBGYN Welcomes New Residents

The Class of 2021 is ready for Michigan Medicine!

We are excited to welcome six extraordinary physicians to our Michigan Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Team and Family.   The Class of 2021 has a demonstrated commitment to social justice, advocacy, global health and advancing women’s health.  They have served veterans, survivors of sexual assault, women in South Sudan, and girls in juvenile detention facilities; authored resolutions adopted by their state’s medical society to expand insurance coverage for victims of rape and conducted research on parenting and mental health, contraception and STI testing strategies in Ethiopia. 

Sarah Bell, has a BA in Government, from Wesleyan University.  She graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School.  Sarah has a ready smile and a kind and patient demeanor.

Jasmine Ebott, has a BA in Speech Language and Hearing Science, from Temple University and she received her MD from Virginia Commonwealth University.  After considering a medical specialty in the head and neck she heeded the call and returned to her rightful place in OBGYN, certainly her mom is proud. 

Erin Inman, has a BA in Human Biology from Stanford. She graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School.  Erin has a calm and confident presence and quick wit.   

Fatima Jibrel, has a BS in Neuroscience, from the University of Michigan. She graduated from Oakland University William Beaumont Medical School.  She is the personification of quiet strength.

Nikki Senapati, has a BS in Microbiology and Cultural Anthropology, from the University of Michigan. She graduated from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. Welcome home, Wolverine!  She has an innate ability to bring stillness to chaos and apparently has the skills of a fashion designer.     

Marisa Sturza, has a BA in Psychology, from the University of Michigan an MA in Community from Michigan State University. She had a distinguished career on Capitol Hill before attending medical school at University of North Carolina. 

These residents come from medical and military families; They are first generation and immigrants; They have overcome significant personal and familial hardships and succeeded in spite of these.  We embrace their diverse backgrounds and life experiences and know that they will strengthen our dynamic and outstanding resident team/family.  They are without question future leaders and change agents in women’s health.

Class of 2021 Residents (left to right): Jasmine Ebbot, Marisa Sturza, Erin Inman, Sarah Bell, Fatima Jibrel, and Nikki Senapati

For more information about current residents, please visit their webpage.