January 1, 2020

Women's Health Leadership Board Disseminates Five Grants for Research and Programs in Women's Health

Women's Health Leadership Board Meeting 2019_Award Winners

In 2018, Michigan Medicine launched the Women’s Health Leadership Board. The board, under the leadership of Dr. Dee Fenner, is made up of about 30 passionate advocates and donors for women’s health. 

One of the Board's goals has been to fundraise for the Women's Health Innovation Fund to support research and unique programs in women’s health. The funds are disseminated annually through a peer-review competition program.

This year, 20 applications were received and 5 projects were selected for funding. On December 11th, 2019, the Women's Health Leadership Board met to hear the winners' research presentations and disseminate the awards.

All five of the following projects received funding of various amounts:

  • Sarah Compton, PhD, MPH - Changes in unmet need and consistent contraception-use patterns after Planned Parenthood of Michigan lost Title X Funding 
  • Susan Ernst, MD - Self testing to improve cervical cancer screening for women with disabilities
  • Courtney Townsel, MD - Natasure Device: novel non-invasive approach to reduce preterm birth
  • Emma Lawrence, MD - The Patient Perspective on Preeclampsia: An Analysis of Attitudes, Knowledge and Experiences of Postpartum Woman in Ghana
  • Melisa Scott, CNM - Centering Pregnancy program

Additionally, the Board voted to give out an extra $10,000 to one of the projects. They chose Dr. Susan Ernst’s project on self-testing to improve cervical cancer screen for women with disabilities.