Reproductive Sciences Program

The Reproductive Sciences Program (RSP), a division of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, is an interdisciplinary academic research and training unit composed of faculty and students at the University of Michigan who have interests in reproductive biology.

The Program currently consists of 65 faculty (representing 15 departments), postdoctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students. Faculty from different schools and colleges around campus are drawn to RSP by its stimulating intellectual environment and opportunities for interdisciplinary research and training interactions.

The research mission of RSP is to promote broad-based interdisciplinary research in reproductive science and medicine. Research within RSP integrates related areas including gonadal regulatory mechanisms, brain control of the reproductive system, reproductive development and aging, biological rhythms and seasonality, infertility, behavior, reproductive toxicology, stress and reproduction, and mathematical modeling of reproductive mechanisms. Activities in these areas range from theoretical to clinical research and embody a spectrum of experimental approaches, from studies at the molecular to the whole animal levels. This breadth of research and scholarly activities contributes to the uniqueness of the RSP and distinguishes it from other reproduction-related units within this country and, in fact, the world.