Ford Foundation Grant

Assessing and Strengthening a Reproductive Rights and Justice Infrastructure in Michigan

As part of the Ford Foundation’s commitment to Reproductive and Gender Justice, we are assessing the potential for capacity building and movement growth among sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations in Michigan.

We are particularly interested in evaluating opportunities and barriers associated with the expansion of reproductive rights and gender justice for women of color, LGBT communities, HIV-positive and trans youth, as well as underserved poor and rural communities.

To date our research suggests that building capacity and growing the infrastructure for reproductive rights and justice in Michigan will be very challenging given the state’s struggling economy, political climate, restrictive legal environment, entrenched racial segregation and disparities, and suboptimal patterns related to reproductive and sexual health. We have produced the relevant documents listed below and are working on additional materials, including fact sheets and white papers.

Project Documents

Project Team

  • Edward B. Goldman, J.D.
  • Alexandra Minna Stern, Ph.D.
  • Deborah Fisch, J.D.
  • Lisa Miller, B.A.