Sexual Rights and Reproductive Justice

Mission Statement:

The Sexual Rights and Reproductive Justice (SRRJ) Program is developing and defining a research agenda for national and international scholarship and advocacy. Working with partners in advocacy and academia, we engage in collaborative qualitative and quantitative research programs that support sexual rights and reproductive justice. 


The SRRJ team is engaged in multi-pronged work that includes research projects, partnership with established advocacy groups, conferences and meetings, dissemination of findings and analyses related to sexual rights and reproductive justice, and building relationships with colleagues in and beyond academia in the United States and around the globe. We believe that sexual rights and reproductive justice should be supported by well-designed evidence-based research. 


Our goal is to inform and help shape policy in the realms of sexual rights and reproductive justice, and to help define the agenda for academics and advocates who believe that a society should provide reproductive and sexual equality to all of its members. 


Our routine activities on campus and in the broader community include:

  • Lecture sponsorship
  • Class offerings in the Law School and Women's Studies and American Culture departments
  • Consultations with law faculty in Kumasi, Ghana on women's rights coursework
  • Performance of interdisciplinary research
  • Service as hub for networking and data exchange
  • Creation of practical materials for our community, including newsletters and a legal handbook.  See publications page for additional materials

In 2013 we organized an international conference that brought together academics, activists and advocates to address strategies for collaboration and partnership.

See the account of the conference, as written by organizers. 

We are currently engaged in a Ford Foundation project to assess the capacity and infrastructure of sexual and reproductive rights and justice organizations in Michigan.