Reproductive Justice Medical Education

A collaboration towards justice in medicine.

Who: We are engaging reproductive justice advocates and activists, clinicians and educators through collaborative sessions to drive the curriculum development process. All teaching materials will be reviewed by reproductive justice advocates to make sure they are RJ aligned.


What: A Reproductive Justice curriculum to be included in all levels of medical education (medical school, residency and continuing medical education) and for physicians of all specialties. 


How: We are choosing collaborative methods to make sure that all parties are at the table. To start curriculum design, we invited 65 reproductive justice experts to make curriculum recommendations using a multi-round survey. Next, we held an in-person meeting with 12 participants from the survey to discuss these recommendations. We will continue to invite reproductive justice advocates to participate in curriculum development. 


Why: Physicians have participated in a number of historical reproductive injustices and continue to be involved in unjust or biased healthcare. Physicians do not universally receive education on these past and current injustices. We believe all physicians should have training in reproductive justice and learn skills that can combat injustices.

When: Ongoing. The project started as a fellowship research project in 2015 to engage reproductive justice advocates, activists, clinicians and educators to determine what topics should be covered in the curriculum. The team is now working to develop teaching tools to incorporate into medical education. All teaching materials will be made available on our website, which is forthcoming. For a vision of what the RJ curriculum should include, please click here


Contact Information

Leah Minadeo, Program Coordinator
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
L4116D UH South
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5276
Phone: 734-232-9410