RJ MedEd Projects and Presentations

Additional RJ Curriculum Projects

Pilot Teaching Session: Case-Based Approach to Reproductive Justice
Status: survey data analysis in process
Overview: Our goal is to use patient cases to teach residents how to consider elements of reproductive justice in their patient care.
Audience: obstetrics and gynecology residents, family medicine residents
Evaluation: post-teaching survey
Review of Continuing Medical Resources
Status: data collection complete, analysis in process
Overview: We reviewed web-based reproductive health continuing education materials to determine if reproductive justice components were included in education.
Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident Survey
Status: survey in development
Overview: This survey of obstetrics and gynecology residents will determine knowledge about reproductive justice and experience with reproductive injustices. We will ask about education in reproductive justice and experiences in patient care with reproductive injustices.

Additional RJ Curriculum Presentations

A reproductive justice curriculum for physicians: recommendations from RJ experts