Application and Contact

The application process starts with an informal one-page letter of introduction to the Advisory Committee, giving your background and career goals, addressed to:

Dr. Dee Fenner and Dr. Yolanda Smith
4000 University Hospital South, Box 5276
Michigan Medicine
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5276

If it seems that there is a good fit between a candidate and the program, applicants are asked to submit a three-page proposal of research that contains one or more hypotheses to be tested, a cover letter outlining their research and career goals and a C.V. The deadline is a rolling one dependent on when training grant openings become available.

Candidates with the most promise are invited for interview. Candidates meet with members of the mentor group area for the research outlined in the candidate's proposal as well as other potential faculty and collaborators. They also meet with the principal investigator and two members of the Program Advisory Committee.