Access Policy and Forms

Access to OB/GYN Research Computer Systems
Please review and complete the following forms and regulatory documentation in order to be granted access to the OB/GYN research computer systems.

1) Review the documents that are linked below. Send an email to Julie Tumbarello stating that you have reviewed and understand them.

2) Read and fill out/sign the Code of Conduct statement.

3) Fill out the Computer Access Request form to the best of your ability. You will need your UMID, SSN, DOB and name. Discuss with your supervisor to find out if you need any specific server or folder access.

Scan (or take a picture) of the filled out/signed forms and return them to Julie Tumbarello through email or drop them off in her office (Research Compliance, Department of OB/GYN L2017 Women's Hospital). Please note: your supervisor will also need to sign the computer access form, or send an email stating that they approve your access.

Once you get your Level 1 access you will need to do the following training in order to be added to the IRB. If you are a University of Michigan student or current employee and already have Level 1 access, you can take these modules immediately.

Go to the link below and and take the appropriate modules. For students, these are often the following: "Research Practice Foundations," "Human Subjects-Biomedical & Health" and "Human Subjects-Social & Behavioral."

Once you have successfully completed the modules, send an email to Julie Tumbarello stating that you have completed PEERRS, and you will be added to any necessary IRB applications.