Fernanda Abalem, M.D.

Fernanda Abalem, MD

Adjunct Research Assistant Professor


Maria Fernanda Abalem, MD, MsC, PhD, is a medical uveitis and surgical retinal specialist with expertise in conditions of inherited retinal degeneration (IRD). She was trained at the Kellogg Eye Center by Drs. Thiran Jayasundera and John Heckenlively between 2016-2018 and joined the University of Michigan’s Kellogg Eye Center in 2019 as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Abalem splits her time between Ann Arbor, MI and Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she still maintains a clinical practice and serves on faculty at University of Sao Paulo.

Dr. Abalem is a research faculty at the University of Michigan with ongoing projects in structural and functional endpoints for therapeutic clinical trials, patient reported outcomes (PRO), image informatics (artificial intelligence to characterize phenotype and predict disease progression), and genotype-phenotype correlations. She serves on ARVO Professional Development and Education Committee (PDEC) and co-chairs the planning committee for the Big Data and Career Development meetings.

Areas of Interest

Research Summary

Prior to joining as faculty, Dr. Abalem was a Foundation Fighting Blindness fellowship awardee at the Kellogg Eye Center, during which she published extensively on Stargardt disease, X-linked retinoschisis, structural-functional characterization in IRDs, and patient reported outcomes.

Dr. Abalem is a co-inventor of the Michigan Retinal Degeneration Questionnaire (MRDQ), a validated patient-reported outcomes measure for inherited retinal degeneration.

Clinical Interests

Inherited retinal degenerations, ophthalmic genetics, patient reported outcomes, artificial intelligence.

Published Articles or Reviews

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