The Kellog Eye Center has an exciting collaboration with Aravind Eye Center System in Tamil Nadu, India. Physicians and researchers at Kellogg frequently collaborate with colleagues at Aravind to carry out important clinical and epidemiological research. Each year numerous trainees and faculty from both institutions pay visits to one another, participating in educational exchanges, training experiences, research rotations, and lectureships. Joshua Ehrlich, MD, MPH from Kellogg is a regular faculty discussant in Aravind's webcast glaucoma journal club and led alongside David Musch, PhD, MPH a year-long online research skills-building course for junior faculty at Aravind. The frequent exchange of ideas and people between Kellogg and Aravind has created a strong bond among two world-class eye care institutions.

Visitor from University of Michigan with a child in India
Dr. David Musch and Dr. Joshua Ehrlich at Aravind

Publications Related to our International Work in India

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