Mohammadreza Peyman, MD

Monte A. Del Monte, MD and Mohammadreza Peyman, MD

Mohammadreza Peyman, MD completed a three-month International Council of Ophthalmology fellowship at Kellogg in June 2017. He studied medicine in Isfahan, Iran, finishing his degree in 2004. He elected to study ophthalmology in Malaysia’s premier University (University of Malaya). After that he completed a one-year fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology & Adult Strabismus and was employed as a faculty member for two years. But he and his wife, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, ultimately decided to return to their native land where they have faculty positions at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. 

Early in medical school, he found a passion and success in research, winning awards for presentations at international conferences. He has published over 50 papers with almost 500 citations and received more than 10 prestigious national and international awards, the latest an ICO-Farabi Award for his strong scientific and research background, sponsored by Agnes Handwerk and German Ophthalmological Society. Dr. Peyman is currently working on a project with Drs. Steven Archer and Monte Del Monte on a software package to convert ocular alignment measurements into diagnosis and proper amounts of surgical extraocular muscle repositioning. 

As he returns to Iran, he hopes to continue a collaboration with Kellogg’s pediatric ophthalmologists.  He is especially grateful for having learned refinements in decision-making in complicated cases and “polished” surgical techniques in strabismus from his mentors at Kellogg.  

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