Ahmedabad, India - November 2017

Read what Dr. Rakesh Patel has to say about his time spent in India:

"In November 2017 I went to India as part of a US and UK team of spine surgeons to perform complex procedures in the pediatric population. The care was paid for by the Health and Care Foundation, formerly known as the Polio Foundation. We arrived on a Saturday and saw patients that were pre-screened by a local spine surgeon. We booked the week’s cases from that clinic and began operating that afternoon.

The setting was rudimentary at best with equipment that you would never see in the states. Gowns were limited, imaging was nonexistent, blood was not readily available and neither were hemostatic agents. After surgery they were transferred to a local hospital for 24 hours for acute care and then back to the Health and Care Foundation. Overall the trip was a success and tremendously rewarding, impacting the lives of individuals who otherwise would live a life of pain and deformity."