La Romana, Dominican Republic - January 2018

"I was able to spend 1 week in La Romana, Dominican Republic with a group out of Kansas City led by Dr. Scott Beall. Dr. Beall graduated from University of Michigan Orthopedics in 1974, and he has invited current U of M orthopedic residents to join his trip for the last 7 years. The group consisted of 3 practicing orthopedic surgeons, C-RNAs, RNs, scrub techs, and more. There were a total of 32 people who came on the trip with the shared goal of treating the underserved population in La Romana. The vast majority of our patients were Haitian immigrants who worked in the sugar cane fields. We saw and operated on numerous infected nonunions, malunions, chronic dislocations, and more. It was an incredibly rewarding trip that re-ignited my interest in global health. Cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Beall for the invitation to join him and for the Department for supporting me. I will use this trip as motivation to get involved or establish a similar trip when I am a practicing orthopedic surgeon." Dr. Brandon Hood, Orthopaedic Resident