Basic Science

Research studies in basic science focuses on bone, muscle and connective tissue cellular and molecular biology, biomechanics, biochemistry and pharmacology.

Bone cell biology
Cellular and molecular regulation of bone cell differentiation, matrix formation and response to mechanical loading (Abraham, Alford, Goldstein, Hankenson, Jepsen, Killian, Kozloff, Maerz))

Bone imaging techniques
Micro- and nano-CT imaging (Goldstein, Jepsen, Kozloff)

Signal transduction and transcription factor biology
Mechanisms of communication from the extracellular matrix to the cell nucleus, and regulation of gene expression (Alford, Goldstein, Hankenson)

Muscle, tendon, ligament mechanics and cell biology
Mechanisms of skeletal muscle and tendon force production and force transmission, and control of tissue growth and atrophy (Killian)

Tissue Engineering
Using stem cells to engineer new bone, cartilage and ligament tissue. (Alford, Bedi, Goldstein, Hankenson, Miller, Wojtys)