Time and time again, we have seen that the greatest accomplishments in life are often achieved not by the work of one but the work of many. A team approach provides for a richer, deeper experience for all involved and most often leads to better outcomes, training and discoveries. We have applied teamwork to our leadership structure. We have some of the most creative, intelligent and compassionate people in the country, and our team leadership structure allows us to take full advantage of the talent available to us.

Our team leadership structure is outlined below. The structure is quite extensive, and this is not an exhaustive list. We also have several faculty and staff serving in additional leadership roles, including as managers, committee chairs and more. Our leadership structure makes it possible for us to make progress towards our vision of being the global leader in providing exemplary clinical care, training the next generation of leaders in the field and shaping the future of research and patient care in otolaryngology.

Department Chair

Dr. Mark Prince

Associate Chairs

ACU Medical Directors

Kresge Hearing Research Institute Director

Dr. Gabriel Corfas

Division Chiefs

Additional Leadership Roles