Division of Laryngology and General Otolaryngology (LarGO)

The LarGO Division was established in 2006 and provides care for adult patients in laryngology and general otolaryngology. Faculty members are established leaders in their fields, with national reputations for clinical care and academic leadership. The division’s missions include patient care, education, research and service.


Patient Care

Laryngology and Voice Disorders

The U-M Laryngology and Voice Disorders Program provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for disorders of the larynx and associated structures. This includes voice, swallowing and breathing problems and encompasses both benign and malignant diseases.

Laryngologic care is provided at both the UMHS Taubman Center clinic and at the U-M Vocal Health Center. Care at the Vocal Health Center includes the Multidisciplinary Clinic for Occupational or Professional Voice Users, where a laryngologist, speech pathologist and voice training specialist work together to provide innovative, tailored treatment for the speaking or singing voices. 


Our rhinologists evaluate and treat diseases and disorders of the nose and paranasal sinuses. The Michigan Sinus Center expands care to include a multidisciplinary clinic. We provide high-quality, efficient treatment by co-locating allergists, asthma specialists, pulmonologists, infectious disease specialists and otolaryngologists into one space. We have a strong relationship with the U-M Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, with whom we work closely to care for patients who have triad asthma, developing advanced treatment programs, including postoperative aspirin desensitization. 

In an effort to expand our allergy services, we have also established an Otolaryngic Allergy Clinic. The clinic offers skin allergy testing and immunotherapy options. The clinic complements our rhinology treatments, improving efficiency of care.

General Otolaryngology and Sleep Medicine

Through our general otolaryngology program, we are able to offer care for more common ENT problems. We also provide medical and surgical sleep medicine services. As a member of the multidisciplinary U-M CPAP Clinic, we help provide comprehensive evaluation of patients with sleep apnea who cannot tolerate CPAP. In an afternoon, patients see one of our otolaryngologists, as well as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, a dentist and a sleep medicine specialist. The team of specialists confers at the end of the afternoon to develop a treatment strategy. If surgery is deemed necessary, we have expertise in multiple options depending on patient-specific issues and anatomy.


Clinical and didactic teaching of residents and medical students take place on a daily basis. Faculty members instruct undergraduate, graduate and continuing medical education courses. The division is also actively involved in the department’s simulation initiatives.


Clinical research projects include health services research in rhinology and laryngology, trials of anti-inflammatory intranasal medications in post-operative rhinology patients, use of computer-aided sinus imaging and studying the relationship between inverting papilloma and allergic rhinitis. Basic science research endeavors include characterization of cellular changes in laryngeal paralysis, laryngeal reinnervation techniques, development of a sinus tissue culture laboratory for studies of nitric oxide and chronic rhinosinusitis and exploration of culture independent molecular-based techniques. 


Service to both the community and University is an essential element of the division’s work. Community service efforts include lectures to public school students about tobacco use, the [email protected] clinicfree throat cancer screenings, World Voice Day activities and informational lectures to community and professional groups.