ARTOP Post-Residency Program

The ARTOP Post-Residency Program provides an in-depth research training experience for otolaryngologists who have completed a residency in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery and are eligible for NIH training grants (U.S. citizen or permanent resident). Trainees who have been accepted into a subspecialty clinical fellowship training program in otolaryngology may apply to spend one full year on research in addition to their year or years of clinical fellowship training. Some fellows may choose to enter the research fellowship directly following completion of otolaryngology residency, prior to pursuing clinical fellowship training. Otolaryngologists who have completed or plan to complete subspecialty clinical fellowships at other institutions are also eligible to apply for post-residency research training, as long as they are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
The goal of this training experience is to produce an investigator with sufficient technical and experimental design skills that he/she can initiate a program of research as an academician in otolaryngology and pursue a career as an independent investigator. Trainees are encouraged to apply for a second year of research training and to prepare applications for a K08 or a K23 grant. 


"This knowledge and understanding has helped me on a daily basis in my professional life - both in terms of diagnosing and treating my patient's otologic disorders, and in terms of critically reading and understanding the latest research in the field potentially impacting clinical care. The benefits from my ARTOP experience are immeasurable and ongoing!"

Cameron Budenz, M.D.