Marshall W. Jaeger Memorial Fund for Head and Neck Cancer Research


Marshall Jaeger with his wife and daughter
Marshall with his wife, Donna, and daughter, Nicole

Marshall W. Jaeger was a man of altruism and kindness. 

"My dad was the most generous man I have ever known. He wouldn't think twice about going without so that others could have," says Marshall's daughter, Nicole Jaeger.

Marshall spent 32 years working for Grand Trunk/CN Railroad as a signal maintainer. His coworkers fondly remember Marshall bringing food to the homeless men and women who lived under the railroad tracks. He was just that kind of a man.

Marshall came to our department in 2007 for throat cancer treatment. Marshall and his wife, Donna Jaeger, formed a strong bond with the department, particularly Mark E. Prince, M.D. "They were so good to us at U-M. They're like my family now. Above and beyond," says Donna.

Marshall fought his disease with dignity and a sense of humor, but he passed away in June 2010. "My dad faced death with courage, love and laughter. I learned so much from him during those last few months, lessons in kindness and compassion that continue to shape who I am today," says Nicole.

Following Marshall's death, Donna and Nicole were committed to keeping Marshall's legacy alive. "My daughter and I knew we wanted to honor Marshall's legacy and pay it forward," says Donna. The pair chose to establish the Marshall W. Jaeger Memorial Fund for Head and Neck Cancer Research, which supports research in our department. 

Marshall enjoyed fishing and golfing, so holding an annual golf scramble fundraiser was a natural fit. This July marked the third Annual Marshall W. Jaeger Memorial Golf Outing, held in Battle Creek, Michigan. To date, the golf scrambles and related donations have raised over $7,000 for head and neck cancer research. Donna hopes to increase that number to $10,000 by 2015. To top off the fundraising goal, Nicole is also planning a cross-country bike trip, which will end right here in Ann Arbor.

"It's an honor to carry out research in Marshall's name, and I can't say enough about the Jaeger family's generosity. It is second to none," says Dr. Prince.