Team Testimonials


"The most rewarding part of working for the AOS/MGI Team is the amount of patient contact we have. Every day, I’m humbled by the honesty and trust that patients bring when confronted by the hospital setting that’s a part of life from birth until death. It has definitely been an opportunity for growth and maturity during my undergrad."


"Learning to work with other health professionals in a busy environment has thought me to be quick and efficient, be aware of patient health while keeping the AOS/MGI goal in mind, as well as be respectful to everyone.  As a team member I have grown a lot from the various encounters in the PREOP/OR/PACU areas, and a lot from the AOS/MGI team.  Our collaborative efforts and ideas have helped us evolve as a strong research team that strives to keep each other on the same page. Working for AOS/MGI has been a meaningful experience and will continue to help me in my goals of becoming a professional in a health care setting -- go TEAM PAIN!" 


"Being a part of the AOS/MGI team has given me invaluable experiences in patient interaction and teamwork. The clinical environment gives insight to what having a career in the medical field will be like, and working with Team Pain has inspired me to encourage a supportive and positive atmosphere beyond the workplace." 


"I really enjoy getting to know the patients we consent; getting that unique personal glimpse into their lives reminds me of why I want to go into healthcare.”


"The AOS/MGI team taught me how to work with other people in a healthcare environment. I believe that one of the most valuable things that I learned while working here was how to effectively complete my job in the preoperative area, while also allowing the nurses and doctors to do their jobs and get the patient prepared for surgery. This is an important skill that I will use for the rest of my career in healthcare. I also saw firsthand the strength in keeping a positive attitude in an environment that can seem stressful or scary at times for the patients." 


“Every single day at MGI/AOS has been a new experience. Weather I am interacting with the diverse patient population, operating a new data storage program, or volunteering time at the Pain Medication Take Back Drive, I have been constantly learning new tasks and growing as an individual. Coming to the hospital to work with such a dynamic and driven group of individuals who constantly go out of their way to help others, has been such a pleasure. It is encouraging to be part of a group that makes a positive difference both at the moment and for medicine in the future.”