Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Statewide drug takeback event nets 900 pounds of opioids & more

1:30 PM

Michigan-OPEN and partners in 8 communities team up for largest event yet

Michiganders from eight communities had a chance to drop unneeded medications off for free on September 30, as part of the largest drug takeback event ever spearheaded by the Michigan-OPEN initiative based at IHPI. 

The event, which included partners from healthcare and law enforcement from Livonia to Traverse City, and from Ann Arbor to Marquette, attracted 766 people, who left behind 900 pounds of medication that they no longer wanted in their homes. 

More than 17,500 of the 130,000 pills collected were opioid pain medications, which are the key target of the Michigan-OPEN effort because of their potential for abuse by those who have been prescribed them, or others. But the drive also brought in about an equal number of benzodiazepine and sedative pills, which carry their own risks of diversion and dependence, 10,000 antidepressants and 1,800 stimulants. 

The drive once again showed that people tend to receive their opioids after surgery, and to hold on to them for years afterward. The oldest opioid pill collected was from 1984, nearly as old as the oldest one ever brought to a Michigan-OPEN event. 

Learn more about Michigan OPEN at www.michigan-OPEN.org