Our Team

Child Neurology

Neurological Surgery

Suresh Magge, M.D.

Surgical Director, University of Michigan Pediatric Brain Tumor Program
Clinical Professor, Neurological Surgery

Neena Marupudi, M.D.

Director, University of Michigan Pediatric Spasticity Program
Clinical Associate Professor, Neurological Surgery
Karin Muraszko

Karin Marie Muraszko, M.D.

Chair and Julian T. Hoff, M.D. Professor, Neurological Surgery
Professor, Neurological Surgery
Professor, Pediatrics
Professor, Plastic Surgery

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Dr. Rajen Mody

Rajen Mody, MBBS

Ruth Heyn Professor of Pediatric Oncology and Professor of Pediatrics

Pediatric Psychology

Radiation Oncology

Michelle Miran Kim MD

Michelle Miran Kim, M.D.

Associate Professor
Director of Medical Student Education
Co-Chair of Cancer Center Neuro-Oncology Clinical Research Team

Nurse Practitioners

Clinical Research Coordinator - Children's

Social Worker

Brittany Sanders

Brittany Sanders, LMSW

Clinical Subjects Coordinator

Shruti Naik

Payal Shah

Fonda Smith

Elizabeth Wooliscraft

Physical Medicine and Rehab

Alecia Daunter

Alecia Kupser-Daunter, M.D.

Assistant Professor


Siriam Venneti

Sriram Venneti

Assistant Professor

Registered Dietitian

Jen Wortman

Jen Wortman

School Liaison

Beth Stuchell

Beth Stuchell

CC-PBTC Clinical Research Navigator

Michelle Meservey

Michelle Meservey