Cullen Farragher, D.O.

Program: Combined Pediatrics - Child Neurology
Medical School: Campbell University

About Me:
I grew up in Upton, Massachusetts and went to UConn for undergrad, where I studied Physiology and Neurobiology and Spanish. I then moved to North Carolina for medical school at Campbell University, and am excited for this next chapter in Ann Arbor! When I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis in high school, I developed a passion for pediatrics, especially helping kids navigate their journeys with autoimmune diseases and chronic illness. I also have a passion for advocacy and have enjoyed working with community clinics in North Carolina to improve access to healthcare in rural communities. My clinical interests include neuroimmunology and medical education. Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time outdoors, am always down to try new restaurants or to get a scoop of ice cream, and enjoy watching college basketball and true crime shows.
Why Michigan?
C.S Mott Children’s is a world class pediatric institution with a large, diverse case volume that offers exposure to a wide array of general and subspecialty pediatrics. At the same time, the faculty and staff take such pride in prioritizing resident wellness as an equal to education. The program’s supportive, family feel was truly unmatched.