Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Action Committee

About Us

The Department of Pediatrics Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Action Committee was formed in July of 2019.  The goal of the committee is to develop and implement programs and training that improve the Department’s culture and environment with regard to DEI.  Each of the 8 members of the committee have specific portfolios for which they are responsible for developing programs and training.  Below are the leaders for each area and links to the programs and opportunities to become engaged in these efforts.  Opportunities for training in unconscious bias have been rolled out for residents, fellows, faculty and staff.  In addition, there are now enhanced efforts at recruitment of a more diverse workforce for residents, fellows and faculty.  

The members of the committee and their portfolios are:

Gary Freed, M.D.

Gary L. Freed M.D., M.P.H.


Gary L. Freed M.D., M.P.H. is the Percy and Mary Murphy professor of Pediatrics in the School of Medicine and professor of Health Management and Policy in the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan (UM). He is the Chair of the Department DEI Committee and serves as the Director of Faculty Programs in the Office of Health Equity and Inclusion, and Associate Chair in Pediatrics.

Dr. Jeremy Adler

Jeremy Adler, M.D.

Associate Professor

Jeremy Adler, M.D. serves as the lead for Health Care Disparities Research External to Michigan Medicine.  This includes research into disparities, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across all aspects of child health both nationally, and locally.  Our committee helps educate house staff about research opportunities, and helps coordinate the DEI session of the Pediatric Research Symposium.  We also organize seminars about current DEI research and research methods.  Our committee also manages a research fund aimed at supporting DEI research in pediatrics.

Prachi Shah, M.D.

Associate Professor

Prachi Shah, M.D. is the faculty engagement liaison on the DE&I Committee for the Department of Pediatrics.  In her role on the DE&I Committee, Prachi has facilitated trainings and activities to foster DE&I (Diversity/ Equity / Inclusion) for the faculty in the Department of Pediatrics.  Activities have included organizing department-wide trainings in implicit bias and bystander training, Peds D3 (drinks, discussion on a DE&I theme), facilitated book club discussions for faculty and junior readers, DE&I themed movie night (co-sponsored with OHEI) and a department-wide collaborative DE&I art project.

Durga Singer

Durga Singer, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Durga Singer, M.D. serves as faculty Development Wellness and Gender programs coordinator for the committee.  This subcommittee focuses efforts on discussing gender issues in academic medicine, strategies for education, peer mentorship, and creating an environment promoting women and underrepresented minorities into leadership positions. Members of the sub-committee are: Heather Burrows, M.D., Ph.D., Megan Pesch, M.D., Katharine Chang M.D., Sarah Tomlinson, M.D.Emily Walling, M.D.Kim Monroe, M.D..Current and on-going activities include book/TED talk discussions, peer-mentorship groups, wellness discussions, dinner for emerging leaders, and topic discussion events. If interested in joining, please contact ksinger@umich.edu

Folafoluwa Odetola MD

Folafoluwa Olutobi Odetola, MB, ChB, MPH

Associate Professor

Folafoluwa Odetola, MB, ChB, MPH serves as faculty recruitment and on-boarding liaison for the committee.  His efforts work towards development and fostering of strategies for sustainable recruitment and retention of under-represented minority faculty to the department of pediatrics.

Dr. Quinonez

Shane Quinonez, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Shane Quinonez, M.D. is responsible for developing and implementing programs aimed at improving the DEI environment for current pediatric residents and residency applicants. These programs increase diversity, equity and inclusion awareness, resources and opportunities for all pediatric residents and applicants.

Domonique Washington-McNish and Tanya Moore

DEI Action Committee Staff Representatives for the Pediatric Department.

Our mission is to develop and implement specific, actionable projects and programs that create a culture of inclusion and support for all staff members of the Pediatric community. Our shared goal with the Pediatric Department Faculty is to foster an environment of respect that honors the well-being, individuality, and dignity of the Pediatric Staff at Michigan Medicine. We strive to think in a more focused way about how we advance diversity, equity, and inclusion across Michigan Medicine’s internal culture, systems, and practices.