Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Action Committee

In July 2017 the Department of Pediatrics launched its new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Action Committee.  The purpose of the committee to develop and implement specific actionable projects and programs to aid in the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce and to create a culture of inclusion and support for all members of the pediatric community including faculty, trainees and staff.

The Committee is Co-Chaired by Gary L. Freed MD, MPH and Maydis Skeete and consists of 8 additional members each with specific portfolios of responsibility.  The committee meets monthly and the chairs also meet individually with each committee member to ensure there is progress on the areas in which the committee focuses.

About Us

The Department of Pediatrics Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Action Committee was formed in July of this year.  The goal of the committee is to develop and implement programs and trainings that improve the Department’s culture and environment with regard to DEI.  Each of the 8 members of the committee have specific portfolios for which they are responsible for developing programs and training.  Below are the leaders for each area and links to the programs and opportunities to become engaged in these efforts.  Opportunities for training in unconscious bias are being rolled out for residents, fellows, faculty and staff.  In addition, there are now enhanced efforts at recruitment of a more diverse workforce for residents, fellows and faculty.  

The members of the committee and their portfolios are:

1.  Resident/Fellow recruitment and environment: Shane Quinonez M.D.

2.  Faculty recruitment and on-boarding efforts: Fola Odetola M.D.

3.  Faculty DEI Training and Environment: Prachi Shah M.D.

4.  Staff DEI Training and Environment 

5.  Trainee DEI Training and Environment: Daniel Shumer M.D.
Dr. Shumer works with Pediatric Fellows around topics related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  The fellows are currently involved in Media Club, where a movie or podcast related to these topics is discussed.  There is also plans for dedicated training related to unconscious bias, and also service opportunities.

6.  Coordinator/Facilitator for Health Care Disparities Research EXTERNAL to Michigan Medicine: Jeremy Adler M.D., MPH

7.  Coordinator/Facilitator for Health Care Disparities Research INTERNAL to Michigan Medicine (our patients): Caren Goldberg M.D.

8.  Coordinator of gender/women-focused issues/programs:  Durga Singer M.D.
The Gender focused DE&I sub-committee has been focusing efforts on discussing gender issues in academic medicine, strategies for education, peer mentorship, and creating an environment promoting women and under represented minorities into leadership positions. Members of the sub-committee are: Heather Burrows, M.D.Megan Pesch, M.D.Sarah Tomlinson, M.D.Ellen Selkie, M.D., Emily Walling, M.D.Kim Monroe, M.D.Haley Neef, M.D.

Current and on-going activities include book clubs, peer-mentorship groups, dinner for emerging leaders, and topic discussion events. If interested, please contact ksinger@umich.edu

Upcoming events are posted below.

March 12, 2019

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research Conference

Romantic and Sexual Health, Experience, and Expectations in Transgender Youth