Current Fellows & Program Team

Our Awesome Fellows

Jess Jary, DO

Jess Jary, DO

Third Year Fellow
Becca Warwick

Becca Warwick, MD

Second Year Fellow
Natasha Nguyen

Natasha Nguyen, MD

First Year Fellow

Division Team

Catherine Miller

Catherine (Katie) Miller, MD

Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Program Director
Dr. Bravender

Terry Bravender, MD, MPH

Division Director
Fellowship Program Research Director
Alana Otto, M.D., MPH

Alana Otto, MD, MPH

Division Education Lead
Associate Fellowship Program Director
Bernie Stoody, M.D.

Bernie Stoody, MD

Adolescent Medicine
Paula Goldman

Paula Goldman, MD (coming soon: 12/2022)

Adolescent Medicine and Addiction Medicine
Natalie Prohaska, M.D.

Natalie Prohaska, MD

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Medical Director of the Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program
Jessica Homady-Selva, NP

Jessica Wagner, NP

Adolescent Medicine Inpatient Consult Service
Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program
Jenn Miller-Allgeier

Jenn Miller-Allgeier, NP

Adolescent Medicine
Cristina Ojeda, LMSW

Cristina Ojeda, LMSW

Adolescent Medicine Social Worker
Kelsey Rose

Kelsey Rose, RDN

Adolescent Medicine Dietician
Mike Anacker, M.D.

Mike Anacker, MD

Pediatric Sports Medicine
Ingrid Ichesco, M.D.

Ingrid Ichesco, MD

Pediatric Sports Medicine
Ellen Selkie, M.D., MPH

Ellen Selkie, MD, MPH

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Candace Harmer

Candy Harmer, RN

Registered Nurse
Reba Oswald

Reba Oswald, RN

Registered Nurse
Summer Sexton

Summer Sexton

Fellowship Program Coordinator
Division Senior Administrative Assistant
Amanda Peterson

Amanda Peterson

Patient Service Associate