Fellowship Research Overview

Fellows have participated in a wide range of research including basic science, translational and clinical projects. Additionally, fellows participate in quality improvement projects both within the Division of Critical Care and the Department of Pediatrics.

One hour per week is devoted to research conferences including research presentations by faculty and fellows, research methodology and statistics and journal club presentations. 

Mentor relationships for our fellows have been both within the Division of Critical Care as well as throughout the University of Michigan.

Academic Goals by Year

First Year:

  • ​Fellows are expected to identify a research project and mentor and develop a hypothesis and research plan.

Second Year

  • Fellows will begin implementation of a research project with initial data collection and analysis.

  • Presentation of preliminary data at a local or national research meeting is encouraged.

Third Year

  • Fellows are expected to complete data collection and analysis, with preparation of manuscript for publication. 

  • Presentation of data at a national conference is strongly encouraged.