Our Graduates

Recent graduates of our program

  • Jennifer Lai Yee, MD, MPH, PhD – Clinical lecturer at University of Michigan
  • Zubin Modi, MD, MS – Clinical lecturer at University of Michigan; Co-director of the Pediatric Renovascular Hypertension Center at the University of Michigan
  • Brendan Crawford, MD, MS – Assistant professor at University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR; Medical director of pediatric dialysis unit, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Little Rock, AR
  • Dongmei Huang, MD – Assistant professor at SUNY Upstate University Hospital, Rochester, NY
  • Yee Lu, MD – Assistant professor in Internal Medicine Nephrology at University of Michigan
  • Rebecca Lombel, MD –  Assistant Professor at University of Michigan; Training program director for Pediatric Nephrology fellowship
  • Marie Tanzer, MD – Assistant professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, Medford, MA; Attending physician at Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME
  • Cheryl Tran, MD – Assistant professor at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • David Selewski, MD – Associate professor at Medical University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
  • Yi Cai, MD – Associate Professor at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, Grand Rapids, MI; Medical Director of pediatric dialysis program, Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Ashton Chen, DO – Associate professor at Wake Forest Baptist Health, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Jesse Roach, MD – Medical officer at Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Larysa Wickman, MD – Attending nephrologist at Beaumont Children’s Hospital, Royal Oak, MI

Testimonials from graduates 

“I joined the fellowship at the University of Michigan for its superb research environment which is heavily involved in translational study and precision medicine. The Pediatric Nephrology group here is one of the leading sites for the largest Nephrotic Syndrome Study Network in the United States. I also appreciate the opportunity to work closely with the Adult Nephrology group, whom we have joint meetings with regularly including case discussion, grand rounds and board review lectures. While living in Michigan for more than 10 years, I enjoy the outdoor activity I can do with all the surrounding lakes and biking trails. In terms of the training curriculum, I like the approach that the first year fellow focuses on clinical work with the 2nd and 3rd year being more research oriented. When I was a first year fellow, I was exposed to different varieties of patients and renal replacement therapies. l am very pleased that I chose University of Michigan for my Pediatric Nephrology training.”

Jennifer Lai Yee, MD, MPH, PhD (2020 graduate)

“I entered pediatric nephrology training with multiple interests that included patient care, health policy, and research. Because of that, I knew that I had two essential priorities in choosing a fellowship program. First, I needed a robust clinical training program with a high nephrology patient volume. Second, with my varied interests, I wanted a program with the mentorship, options, infrastructure, and resources to pursue whichever career path I chose. The University of Michigan and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital was the best fit for these needs. I was able to obtain outstanding clinical training in all aspects of nephrology care. The close collaborative relationship with internal medicine nephrology colleagues is a unique feature that gave me the opportunity to broaden my clinical and research training. When I chose to pursue a research career focused on delivery of health care, I was able to connect with experts in all aspects of research, obtain excellent training including a masters degree, and launch myself into a faculty position focused on becoming an independent physician investigator.”

Zubin Modi, MD, MS (2018 graduate)

“I chose University of Michigan for my pediatric nephrology fellowship based on the large patient volume exposing to the wide breadth of clinical nephrology. In particular, I was attracted to the robust acute renal replacement therapy program, which has well prepared me as a clinician. In addition, the large number of pediatric transplants each year have prepared me for my current role in post- transplant care. Lastly, Ann Arbor and the surrounding area provide a great "big little city" environment to enjoy time away from the hospital.”

Brendan Crawford, MD, MS (2017) graduate