Clinical Trials

  • TNF Precision Medicine  A proof of concept, open label clinical trial addressing the treatment of patients with FSGS or treatment resistant MCD with up-regulation of the TNF pathway identified through intra-renal gene expression profiling. This study will test the hypothesis that TNF inhibition in patients with up-regulation of the intra-renal TNF pathway will result in reduction in TNF associated urinary biomarker levels.
  • Prednisolone in young children with incident NS   An international phase III study comparing 3 vs. 6 months of treatment in toddlers with new onset nephrotic syndrome.
  • Gluten Free Diet Open-label pilot study to assess the efficacy and safety of a gluten-free diet in the treatment of children with difficult-to-manage nephrotic syndrome
  • FIRSTx  Phase II open label, randomized trial of a novel therapy, CXA-10, to determine pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and safety in adolescents and adults with incident primary FSGS. Learn more at
  • DUPLEX A phase III long-term safety and efficacy study of Sparsentan, a novel dual endothelin receptor and angiotensin receptor blocker compared to Irbesartan as an active control in patients with FSGS. Learn more at
  • LNP023 in IgAN patients Phase IIa/IIb dose ranging study is to establish clinical proof-of-concept and to evaluate dose responses to support dose selection for subsequent clinical development of LNP023 for IgAN and potentially other indications.