Pediatric Epilepsy Mentor Program

The Pediatric Epilepsy Mentor Program provides support to families by connecting them with those who have dealt with similar situations.

Who are Epilepsy Mentors?

The Epilepsy Mentors are a group of trained volunteers that offer phone and email support to other parents regarding their child’s healthcare journey.

The Pediatric Epilepsy Mentor Program was created to help you:

  • Connect with another person who has faced similar challenges
  • Feel more confident and empowered about caring for your child
  • Learn some practical, everyday tips
  • Improve your awareness of other support services that can help you and your family

To be matched with an Epilepsy Mentor:

Complete this online Mentor Matching Form.  You will be asked to provide your contact information, some basic information about your child and their diagnosis and what you would like most from an Epilepsy Mentor.  This information will be protected by us and kept in the strictest confidence, according to HIPPA regulations

When possible, we match parents by:

  • Child’s diagnosis
  • Specific concerns or questions the family hopes to address
  • Child’s age

While we try our best, it’s not always possible to match based on all these criteria.  We will match you as closely as possible with another parent facing similar challenges.  Once you are matched, an Epilepsy Mentor will contact you within a few days.  After your first call with your Epilepsy Mentor, you will be asked to fill out an evaluation to let us know how the call went.  If it went well, you and your Epilepsy Mentor can take it from there.  If things did not go as you had expected, you can request that another Epilepsy Mentor contact you if you like.

All conversations with the Epilepsy Mentor are kept in strict confidence.  Epilepsy Mentors are volunteers at Michigan Medicine and have been trained through our Patient and Family Centered Care Program.

For More Information

Email the Pediatric Epilepsy Mentor Coordinator at


Pediatric Epilepsy Mentor Program Mentor Evaluation

Thank you for participating in the Pediatric Epilepsy Mentor Program!  We would like to know how your first conversation went.  If things went well, please let us know and you’ll continue to be supported by this person.  If things did not go as well as you had hoped, you can request a new mentor.

This information will be protected by us and kept in the strictest confidence, according to HIPPA regulations.

Your comfort is of utmost importance to us.  Please answer the following questions as honestly as you can.  The form will be sent directly to our Pediatric Epilepsy Mentor Coordinator and will be kept in the strictest confidence.  If you indicate that you would like to speak with a different mentor, our Coordinator will assign a new one.  After that conversation, we would like you to complete this evaluation again.