Medical Student Rotations

We always look forward to having students rotate with us! Please see below for opportunities for University of Michigan medical students and visiting students.

University of Michigan Medical Student Rotations

  • During the Neurology clerkship, students can request to rotate with the Pediatric Neurology team for one week, either with the inpatient ED/floor consult service or in outpatient clinic
  • Following clerkships, we offer two- and four-week elective rotations, which can be primarily inpatient, outpatient, or a combination, designed based on individual learning objectives
  • Students can also participate in the Crosby Apprenticeship, a longitudinal elective that involves development as an educator, with teaching responsibilities and peer mentoring responsibilities within the Neurology clerkship, and completion of a mentored scholarly project in medical education

Visiting Students

  • We are thrilled to offer four-week elective rotations for visiting students, which are also designed based on individual learning objectives
  • If you’re interested in completing an elective rotation, please see the Michigan Medicine Visiting Students webpage and contact Nani Hunter