Student Work Hours Policy

Medical Student Work Hours Policy

All clinical rotations and elective rotations must adhere to the medical student work hours policy as defined below:

1) Each student is limited to 80 hours of assigned clinical duties per week averaged over the length of the rotation. This includes time spent sleeping in the hospital while on call and departmental or medical school sponsored core lectures.

2) Students are required to have one 24 hour period off in seven, averaged over the length of the rotation.

3) Working hours are defined as clinical activities related to their rotation, including clinical care, in-house call, short call and night float. Working hours specifically exclude time spent at home reading or studying.


This policy will be monitored for compliance by the clerkship directors, elective course directors and the Associate/Assistant Deans for Education. If it is found that students have been compelled to work beyond the allowable time frame as described above during the monitoring process via the course evaluations, the Associate/Assistant Dean for Education will meet with the specific clerkship director to assure compliance to the policy.

Non Retaliation

Students may report, anonymously, work hour violations to the clerkship director or any Associate/Assistant Dean for medical education. Retaliatory action against students who report infractions of this policy is prohibited. Persons, including attending physicians and residents, found responsible for retaliatory actions will be subject to disciplinary action.