Life After Residency

  • 58% have pursued fellowship opportunities
  • 35% of our graduates have gone into primary care
  • 7% have gone into hospitalist medicine


2016 Graduates

Brittany Allen, MD · Pediatric Hospitalist · University of Michigan

Aviva Alpert, MD · General Pediatrics · Children’s Community Pediatrics Allegheny**

Stephanie Booms, MD · General Pediatrics · Northpoint Pediatrics

Clinton Cochran, MD · Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship · University of Michigan

Ashley Dehudy, MD · General Pediatrics · University of Michigan

Amanda Delong. MD · Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship · University of Michigan

Allison Effron, MD · General Pediatrics · Rainbow Babies

Asleigh El Sakr, MD ·  General Pediatrics · University of Michigan

Jason Fischer, MD · Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship · Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia**

Jennifer Foster, MD · General Pediatrics · Rocky Mountain Health Centers Pediatrics

Elizabeth Hill, MD · General Pediatrics · University of Michigan

Brittany Jackson, MD · Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship · University of Michigan

Jasmeet Kataria, MD · Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship · Baylor College of Medicine

Elizabeth Lloyd, MD · Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship · University of Michigan

Tiffany Munzer, MD · Developmental-Behavioral Fellowship · University of Michigan

Margeaux Naughton, MD · General Pediatrics · University of Michigan

Priyanka Rao, MD · General Pediatrics · University of Michigan**

Natalie Schellpfeffer, MD · Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship · University of Michigan

Anjali Sura, MD · Pediatric Rheumatology Fellowship · University of Michigan

Ruchi Singla, MD · Allergy and Immunology Fellowship · Ohio State University

**Pediatric Chief Resident 2016-17

2015 Graduates

Uchenna Anani, MD · Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship · Vanderbilt University

Molly Antoniolli, MD · General Pediatrics · St. Louis University

Erin Bradley, MD · Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship · Northwestern University

Megan Chang, MD · General Pediatrics · University of Michigan

Emily Cooperstein, MD · Pediatric Urgent Care · Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Lindsay Ellsworth, MD · Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship ·  University of Michigan

Kathryn Fletcher, MD · Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship · University of Southern California

Stephanie Goldstein, MD · Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship · University of Michigan

Stephen Gorga, MD ·  Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship · University of Michigan**

Christina Grech, MD · General Pediatrics · University of Michigan

Evelyn Pietrandrea, MD · Pediatric Hospitalist · Beaumont Hospital

Katherine McCormack, MD · Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Fellowship · University of Colorado**

Tina Morhardt, MD · Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship · University of Michigan

Emily Morris, MD · Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship · Vanderbilt University

Daniel Peltier, MD · Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Fellowship · University of Michigan

Andrew Prout, MD · Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship · University of Pittsburgh

Mary Shull, MD · Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship · Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Vanessa Cardenas, MD · Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship · University of Michigan

Felicia Tsaur, MD · General Pediatrics · University of Michigan

**Pediatric Chief Resident 2015-16

Fellowship Opportunities

Our program has a longstanding commitment to excellence in patient care, scholarship, and research. Throughout residency, trainees receive rich exposure to general pediatrics and its subspecialties in order to provide a robust and comprehensive educational experience. Following completion of residency, some of our graduates elect to pursue formal subspecialty training in a chosen area to prepare for careers in academics, research, and subspecialty care. Year after year, our graduates receive highly competitive fellowship positions from a number of prestigious institutions across the nation.

Our Department of Pediatrics offers more than 14 fellowship programs that cover the breadth of pediatric subspecialty training.

To learn more about specific fellowship programs, please select an area of interest: