Community and Global Outreach

Michigan Center for Youth Justice logo
  • "The Michigan Center for Youth Justice (MCYJ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing policies and practices that reduce confinement and support trauma-informed, racially equitable, socio-economically and culturally responsive, community-based solutions for Michigan’s justice-involved children, youth and young adults".
  • As a part of our Pediatric Community Health (PCH) Rotation, our focus is on youth justice reform in Michigan. We will be co-advocating with the Michigan Center for Youth Justice (MCYJ).
  • The MCYJ has identified eliminating youth court debt as one active project area where we as pediatricians can help most, since debt has a long-lasting effect on youth and families. It is important to note that debt and its consequences disproportionately affect Black children.
  • In addition to court debt, the MCYJ recognizes that we as pediatricians can speak to developmental effects of being involved in the youth justice system.

Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read® of the University of Michigan began in 1997 with the encouragement and generous support of a few special community advocates. The program was one of the nation’s earliest Reach Out and Read programs, and is frequently consulted by those wishing to start new programs across the state. Learn more about the University of Michigan's Reach Out and Read program.