Continuity Clinic

Residents are assigned to one of nine University of Michigan pediatric ambulatory care clinics for their continuity clinic experience. Clinics vary widely in terms of their patient population. On average, residents will have four afternoons of continuity clinic per month. A primary care curriculum is provided to residents each month for review with their preceptors prior to the start of their clinic days. The continuity clinic experience allows residents the opportunity to work closely with not only their clinic preceptor but also their clinic’s nurses, medical assistants, dieticians, social workers and lactation consultants while establishing relationships with children and their families.

Continuity Clinic Locations Include:

  • Briarwood
  • Brighton
  • Canton
  • East Ann Arbor
  • Howell
  • Northville
  • Saline
  • West Ann Arbor
  • Ypsilanti