Evidence Based Medicine

Incorporating Evidenced Based Medicine (EBM) into medical decision making is integral to patient care and an important part of attaining clinical competency.  Our residents are expected to attend the monthly journal clubs that discuss current literature relevant to pediatric clinical practice.  In addition, all our residents participate in a longitudinal curriculum to increase their familiarity and comfort with using EBM. During dedicated half-day sessions in the second and third year, a small group of 3-5 residents and a faculty facilitator explore resources, search the literature, and appraise different types of scientific studies.  The residents then practice these skills on their own, choosing topics that are most relevant to their interests.  Each resident has an opportunity to present and discuss their appraisal with the small group at the next meeting.  The groups also discuss strategies for teaching and incorporating EBM into daily clinical care.

Please feel free to contact us at umpedsed@umich.edu if you have any further questions.