August 25, 2017

Brain Tumor Precision Medicine Conference

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

For those in Michigan, conference will be in the Neurosurgery conference room – 3898 Taubman (back of Neurosurgery dept. offices).  We will be broadcasting via Bluejeans (video) and call-in (teleconference call).

If you have a conference on your calendar for 8/4 – please cancel.

We will be presenting patients from Mott Hospital /U of Michigan and Colorado Children’s and hosting a live presentation from Oren Becher, MD (Lurie Children’s/Northwestern), discussing models of pediatric DIPG and HGG. 


For audio/video teleconference:

As we have previously done, we have found it best to share presentations from presenting institutions through Bluejeans (video); and use a separate dial-in conference (audio), to remove the occasional audio glitches of Bluejeans.  Here are details:

  • Video: via BlueJeans – using following meeting website:
    • Ok to sign in as a guest
    • Ok to use web browser or download to desktop
    •  Join using your computer – but you don’t need to connect to your computer's mic or video (we will not be using a camera of participants themselves). 
  • Audio: we are using a UM phone conference call.  Dial 1.734.997.7110 -> at the prompt enter 3898 and press the # sign.  In our conference room, this will link to mics/speakers above our room.  Helps to mute your phone when not talking if possible.
  • We will have an A/V technician (Justin) in our room starting at 1:45 EST.  If you are able to connect prior to 2:00 EST - Justin will be able to confirm you’re connected.  My phone is 206-612-5802 if you need to reach me that day.