January 19, 2016

Dr. Kevin Kuo elected to Academy of Medical Educators

Kevin Kuo, M.D.
Kevin Kuo, M.D.

Congratulations to Kevin Kuo, M.D., on his election to the Academy of Medical Educators.

The following is excerpted from the Academy of Medical Educators webpage

1. Introduction and Background.

A growing number of medical schools are forming academies to strengthen faculty expertise on teaching and medical education. As of 2008, 36 schools had developed an academy and another 33 schools were in the planning stages. There is an active Academies Collaboration working group that meets annually at the AAMC to share best practices and encourage a wider academy movement

In 2011, Dr. Larry Gruppen, Chair of Department of Medical Education, was charged by the Deans Office to lead a work group to recommend a process for forming an academy for educators at our institution. A series of recommendations were reviewed and discussed by leadership within the medical school and then shared with inductees into the League of Educational Excellence in January of 2013. Through a series of town hall meetings and dialogue with the education community, decisions and process were determined as reflected below. However, these are open to further input and refinement by members who will ultimately shape the work of the academy.

The Academy for Educational Excellence and Scholarship (i.e. Academy) at the University of Michigan Medical School is intended to recognize and augment the educational rigor and innovation of its faculty, to promote faculty development in education & mentoring, foster the visibility of UMMS educational leadership nationally and internationally, and to mobilize these talents to improve educational outcomes.

The work of the Academy will be designed to:

  • nurture the education community and facilitate discussions among faculty interested in medical education (e.g. Academy Seminars, membership meetings, retreats, information sharing on relevant opportunities, etc.)
  • enhance current approaches to promote faculty development and mentoring for those who are focusing their careers on teaching and medical education
  • provide peer-review of educational activities and outcomes
  • optimize ways to provide faculty recognition for excellence in education
  • advise medical school leadership on strategies and approaches to enhance learning
  • investigate educational methods at peer institutions and adopt new ideas to improve education at Michigan
  • advance the reputation of UMMS as a center for leadership and innovation

Members will be expected to provide:

  • peer-review service
  • mentoring
  • citizenship to the academy
  • dissemination of best practices to promote better learning

In addition to being part of a community of kindred spirits, members will have access to a small-grants program and other resources from the Deans Office to support their work (with specifics that will be refined by input from the membership).