January 13, 2023

Making A Difference Awards

Congratulations to our Making A Difference honorees from October 2022-December 2022! This award highlights faculty and staff members for their dedication and great service to the Department of Pediatrics.  

Steven Leber, M.D., Ph.D - Division Director, Neurology
Taylor Winn - Division Administrator, Adolescent Medicine/Developmental Behavioral Medicine/Neurology/Pulmonology
Carrie Klein - Neurology
Sarah Frankl - House Officer
Sheri Romo, MA - Cardiology
Sarah Manning - Cardiology
Neesha Patel-Peters, M.D. - General Pediatrics
Margie Andreae, M.D. - General Pediatrics
Lindsey Long, M.D. - General Pediatrics
Maria Herbel - Faculty Affairs Manager
Lisa Waldman - Cardiology
Megan Bauer - Cardiology
Megan King - House Officer
Marlene Woodard - Fellowship Program Administrator, Nephrology
Gabe Owens, M.D, Ph.D - Cardiology
Keats Ewing - House Officer
Summer Chahin, Ph.D. - Psychology
Cassie Ross, PsyD - Psychology
Alicia Rusch - Pediatrics Administration
Lisa Waldman - Cardiology
Emily Fredericks, Ph.D - Psychology
Emily Masterson - House Officer
Grace Luger - House Officer
Austin Waddell - House Officer
Aarti Raheja, M.D. - General Pediatrics
Emily Rassel, M.D. - General Pediatrics
Aditi Hindka, D.O. - House Officer
Kristen Goncalves, M.D. - General Pediatrics
Denise Alton - Lead Coordinator Pediatric Fellowship Programs - Pediatrics Administration
Megan Olson, M.D. - General Pediatrics
Carlen Fifer, M.D. - Cardiology
Olivia Frosch - House Officer, Cardiology
Andrew Singer, M.D. - Gastroenterology
Layla Mohammed, MB ChB. - General Pediatrics
Christina Gomez - Cardiology
Adrienne Musci, M.D.- General Pediatrics
Sivan Kassiff, M.D. - General Pediatrics
Tara Havens, M.D., - Pulmonology
Samantha Yono - Cardiology
Margaret Bateson, Pediatric Epilepsy
Katie Baughman, M.D., MA - Neonatal-Perinatal  

To submit a nomination, visit the nomination form. Awardees are notified with a certificate to their email address.