EMR Resources for Research

The Department of Pediatrics support program for researchers to access patient data for research purposes.


  • Enhance and increase utilization of clinical data sets from the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for research
  • Facilitate cohort discovery with database integration between EMR resources


Data Office for Clinical and Translational Research 

The Data Office for Clinical and Translational Research (DOCTR) manages requests for clinical data sets pulled from the electronic medical record for research purposes. Just like all research cores at the university, the service is provided for a fee. To meet the goal of facilitating research using the electronic medical record, the Department will subsidize some costs for Pediatric faculty (contact the Pediatric Research Office for information).  Contact the DOCTR for help with what data are available, obtaining a self-serve tool account and/or a Data Sharing Agreement.

Key resources for accessing patient level clinical data for research are found on the Data Office for Clinical and Translational Research website. These include:

This provides an Electronic Medical Record Search Engine for free text (dictated or typed) clinical notes - EMERSE can be used to access data for research or access for clinical and QI projects. To learn more about EMERSE, contact Dr. Hanauer to set up a group presentation or a one-on-one meeting. See more information at project-emerse.org.

DataDirect is a self-service tool that facilitates Cohort Discovery. DataDirect enables access to robust, up-to-date data on more than 2 million unique patients from across the UMHS enterprise to inform study design and determine feasibility of eligible patients for recruitment. 


* NOTE:  This department initiative is funded by the Charles Woodson Fund for Clinical Research.  Recipients/awardees must acknowledge support from the Charles Woodson Fund for Clinical Research in resulting publications, abstracts and presentations.

We will monitor the use of this service and the productivity resulting from this investment. Therefore, brief updates from faculty, fellows, and residents using the service will be required. Please contact Julie Lumeng, MD, Associate Chair for Research (jlumeng@med.umich.edu) with any questions or comments. Contact the Pediatrics Research Office for information on funding: pedsresearch@umich.edu (615-1740).