Grant Review Editing/Service

As research funding becomes more and more competitive, good science is no longer sufficient to achieve a fundable score.  NIAID states that applications must be “flawless” to achieve success, and failure to be “flawless” is often related to poor preparation or presentation.  Dr. Janet Gilsdorf of the Department of Pediatrics (Division of Infectious Diseases) has a strong track record of NIH grant funding and is a noted writer.  She has agreed to provide review/editing services for grants prepared by Department of Pediatrics faculty members.   

What review/editing services will be performed?

  • Grammar; spelling; context; narrative style, clarity, focus, and appropriate level of  detail 
  • Organization, structure, and prioritization 
  • Clear logic 
  • Justification of the project 
  • Salesmanship and enthusiasm 
  • Narrative formatting 
  • Responses to previous review 
  • Inclusion of alternative approaches/contingency plans 
  • Appropriateness of title 
  • Evidence of hypotheses 
  • Articulation of long term/short term goals re:solving the fundamental question 
  • Feasibility of the scope of the project 
  • Graph and table formatting and placement in the narrative

How should the grant applications be prepared for review? 

  • Completely written, as good as the author can make it
  • In a Word document (edits will be presented as Track Changes)
  • With tables and figures (content finalized) either inserted or appended
  • Accompanied with reviewers’ critiques if the application is a resubmission

When should the grant application come for review? 

  • At least three weeks prior to the Departmental deadline (to allow the grant writer to finalize the proposal after the editing process) 

How to contact Dr. Gilsdorf to discuss a possible review?