Pharmacology is the study of how drugs affect the body and how the body affects drugs.  Pharmacology is one of the most exciting areas of biomedical research because you can have a real impact on human health while working in the lab. Pharmacology is multidisciplinary, bringing together ideas from chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology and integrative biology to create a comprehensive framework for understanding and treating disease.  Here, at the University of Michigan Department of Pharmacology, we have assembled a diverse group of outstanding scientists who work together to advance the forefronts of new knowledge to develop novel therapeutic approaches for treatment of disease.  There are a number of exciting opportunities for students to work with leaders in the field in one of the top Pharmacology departments in the world.

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March 9, 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Anand!

Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Anand, Postdoctoral fellow in Jutkiewicz Laboratory, who won Best Oral Presentation at the 2017 Behavior, Biology, and Chemistry: Translation Research in Addiction Meeting in San Antonio.


Congratulations, Jess. Good Job!


March 24, 2017
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CDNM Drug Discovery Seminar - Ronald Buckanovich, MD, PhD

9:00 am

Forum Hall, Palmer Commons

Ronald Buckanovich, M.D., Ph.D., Thomas H. Simpson Collegiate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Divisions of Hematology Oncology and Gynecologic Oncology, University of Michigan


"A Novel Pan-ALDH1A Inhibitor Induces Necroptosis in Ovarian Cancer Stem-Like cells and Synergizes with Chemotherapy to Improve Outcomes"