About Us

In 1891, the University established the first Department of Pharmacology in North America, and over the more than one hundred years since, it has awarded the largest number of Ph.D.s in the discipline. These graduates have made a major impact on the field of pharmacology, and they currently include many pharmaceutical company executives, research directors and senior scientists, directors of government research laboratories and leaders in academia. The scientific output of its faculty and students and the accomplishments of its graduates have served to maintain the department’s position as one of the most highly regarded departments in the world.


The Department of Pharmacology at the University of Michigan Medical School will be the global leader in providing exemplary training of the next generation of leaders in our field and shaping the future of pharmacological research.



The mission of the Department of Pharmacology is to be the recognized leader in pharmacological training and scientific discovery. We seek sustainable excellence as:
· Effective and innovative educators of graduate and undergraduate students, postdocs, and professional colleagues such that we are the most sought-after training program in the country and trainers of the next generation of scientific leaders in our field;
· Producers of new basic and translational knowledge that ultimately advances public health;
· Exemplary role models for our trainees and colleagues;
· Responsible and innovative stewards of philanthropic, institutional, and extramural resources;
· Leaders who enhance faculty, trainee, and staff engagement and professional satisfaction for all members of the Department;
· Champions of a culture and climate that promotes inclusion, diversity, and equity.