Master's Program

2022 MS Pharmacology Graduates

The MS Pharmacology degree program is designed to be flexible and to serve a variety of career objectives. Examples of individuals who might benefit from the this program are those who desire to enter the Pharmaceutical Industry, those already in the Pharmaceutical Industry who would like to increase their opportunities for advancement, teachers at Community Colleges wishing to extend their skills, those who are planning to enter a career in Government Agencies (such as the FDA) and also, individuals who desire to obtain a higher degree prior to entry into Medical, Dental or Veterinary Schools or a PhD program. 

The MS degree program involves a mixture of coursework and independent research (or literature review) and may be taken on a full- or part-time basis. Students are required to complete a thesis work based on independent research or literature review. Students will have an oral defense at the end of the program about their thesis work. In approved cases, it may be possible for the research component to be conducted off-campus. Much of the coursework for the MS degree is the same as that taken by Pharmacology PhD students.

Program Advising

Christine E. Canman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Liz Peckham, PhD

Clinical Instructor