Master's Program

2022 MS Pharmacology Graduates

The M.S. degree program is designed to be flexible and to serve a variety of career objectives. Examples of individuals who might benefit from the M.S. degree program are those who desire to enter the pharmaceutical industry, those already in industry careers who would like to increase their opportunities for advancement or those who are planning to enter a career with government agencies, such as the FDA. In addition, the program is appropriate for individuals who wish to improve their academic credentials by obtaining a higher degree prior to entering medical, dental, veterinary or pharmacy schools or a Ph.D. program.

The M.S. degree involves a mixture of coursework and independent research. The program is designed to provide an environment that promotes growth in both content knowledge related to pharmacology as well as translatable skills for future careers. These translatable skills include critical analysis of the scientific literature as well as experience in scientific communication. These skills will be honed through classwork and projects throughout the year and a written thesis and an oral presentation delivered at the culmination of the degree. Much of the coursework is the same as that taken by our Ph.D. students. The research component can be satisfied by either an independent laboratory research project or an in-depth literature survey of a topic of current pharmacological significance.

Program Advising

Christine E. Canman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Liz Peckham, Ph.D.

Clinical Instructor